How much fuel could a Lancaster carry?

How much fuel could a Lancaster carry?

The aircraft had an impressive lifting capacity. Weighing 36,900 lb empty (or 16,738 kg), it was able to haul an additional 33,100 lb (or 15,014 kg) in fuel and bombs.

What engines did Lancaster bombers have?

The typical aircraft was powered by an arrangement of four wing-mounted Rolls-Royce Merlin piston engines, each of which drove a 13 ft (4.0 m) diameter de Havilland Hydromatic three-bladed propeller.

Did the Lancaster have a co pilot?

The pilot is on the left (you can barely see his elbow) while the flight engineer sits on the right to monitor systems. The British did not use co…

Did Lancasters tow gliders?

A near-photographic quality image of British Lancaster bombers with Horsa gliders in tow. The British and the Americans both experimented with the use of gliders to deliver their paratroopers to a drop zone and they were used extensively during the D-Day operations.

Who built the Lancaster bomber?

Avro Lancaster/Manufacturers

The most iconic heavy bomber of World War II. The four-engined Avro Avro Lancaster heavy bomber was designed and built by AV Roe & Company for the RAF during the Second World War.

What was the top speed of a Lancaster bomber?

Specifications (Avro Lancaster 1)

Feature Specification
Minimum Weight 36,457 lb (16,571 kg)
Capacity 7: pilot, flight engineer, navigator, bomb aimer/nose gunner, wireless operator, mid-upper and rear gunners
Maximum Speed 282 mph (246 knots, 454 km/h) at 63,000 lb
Range 2,530 mi (2,200 nmi, 4,073 km)

What kind of engine was used in the Lancaster?

Lancasters powered by Bristol Hercules air-cooled radial engines also were produced as a result of shortages of Merlin engines, but these proved to be less capable than Merlin-powered versions. The engine production problem was eventually resolved with Packard-built Merlins imported from the United States.

What kind of bombs did the Avro Lancaster carry?

In the latter role, some were adapted to carry the 12,000 lb Tallboy and ultimately, the 22,000 lb Grand Slam Earthquake bombs (also designed by Wallis). Postwar, the Avro Avro Lancaster was supplanted as the RAF’s main strategic bomber by the Avro Lincoln, itself a larger permutation of the Avro Avro Lancaster.

What kind of engines did the Avro Lancaster test?

In 1943, a Lancaster was converted to become an engine test bed for the Metropolitan-Vickers F.2 turbojet. Lancasters were later used to test other engines, including the Armstrong Siddeley Mamba and Rolls-Royce Dart turboprops and the Avro Canada Orenda and STAL Dovern turbojets.

What kind of guns did the Lancaster have?

Most Lancasters were armed with a powered tail turret mounting four 0.303-inch (7.7-mm) machine guns, a powered twin-0.303 turret on the upper rear fuselage, and a pair of 0.303s in the nose; a few had twin-0.303 belly turrets.

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