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How much does it cost to get to Fraser Island?

How much does it cost to get to Fraser Island?


4wd (including passengers) $130.00 return
4wd (including passengers) $85.00 one way
4wd + Camper trailer / Trailer or Tinnie $160.00 one way
4wd + Caravan or Boat $180.00 one way
Motorbikes $35.00 one way

How do you get to Fraser Island by car?

Fraser Island is located off the east coast of Australia on the Fraser Coast. The only way to get to and from the island is by a ferry or barge as there are no bridges that go between the island and the mainland. While you cannot technically drive to the island – you can take your vehicle!

Can you drive your boat to Fraser Island?

Ferries and barges provide primary access to travellers as well as vehicles to Fraser Island. As featured on the official website of Tourism Fraser Coast, “Fraser Island ferry and barge services, both vehicle and passenger, operate from Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach daily to various points on Fraser Island.

Can you go to Fraser Island on your own?

You can go to Fraser Island on a day tour, or tour the island for up to 3 days on different types of guided tours or tag-along tours. If you are going on your own, it is all dependent on how long you want to drive around the island and see its different attractions.

Do I need a permit to go to Fraser Island?

Driving to Fraser Island? All vehicles going to K’gari (Fraser Island) must have a permit to go to the island. Only four-wheel drive vehicles are permitted on the island and permits must be clearly displayed on the windscreen. All-wheel drives are not permitted as the terrain is difficult and can be rough.

Do you need a car on Fraser Island?

Yes you will need to do the Beauty Spots tour from Kingfisher (a 1 day tour) or else hire a 4wd to explore yourself. (Please note 4wd vehicles hired from major rental car companies are not permitted to be driven on the island – you will need to hire a vehicle specifically prepared for Fraser Island).

Is it easy to drive around Fraser Island?

As expressed before, driving on Fraser Island can be a little challenging. Even still, driving on the island is a remarkable experience. Experienced drivers will find navigating the island to be a bit easier than less experienced drivers.

Can you free camp on Fraser Island?

Technically, free camping is not allowed on Fraser Island. Anyone wishing to camp on the island needs to apply and pay for a camping permit beforehand. If you plan on camping there, you will need to apply for a camping permit for the campgrounds you want to use before you go.

How do you get to Fraser Island without a 4WD?

The only place where 2WD vehicles are permitted is at Kingfisher Bay Resort where there are some paved roads. However, considering that the only way to bring vehicles to the island is by ferry or barge, it could make more sense to just bring a 4WD vehicle.

Do you need to book to go to Fraser Island?

If you’re planning on taking your car to Fraser Island you must purchase a Vehicle Access Permit from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) before you arrive.

Is Fraser Island Expensive?

Fraser Island can be expensive and a week’s trip to the island can cost a single individual around $2,283(AUD) or around $4,500(AUD) for two individuals for resort accommodation. These estimated price points include things like food, lodging, etc.

How do I get to Fraser Island on a budget?

Kingfisher Tours – If you’re doing a quick one or two-day tour around Fraser Island, I recommend going with Kingfisher Tours. They’re budget-friendly and will take you to all the sights you want to see. Fraser Explorer Tours – Fraser Explorer Tours is the other tour company I recommend going with on Fraser Island.

Where do you take a ferry to Fraser Island?

To get to Fraser Island once you’re in the city of Hervey Bay, you simply take a 50-minute ferry ride from River Heads boat ramp. If you’re taking a 4WD over to Fraser Island you can also leave from Inskip Point located in Rainbow Beach, The ferry to leaves daily for day trips to Kingfisher Bay.

How to get to Fraser Island from Kingfisher Bay?

The Kingfisher Bay Ferry barge times to Fraser Island are 6.45 am, 9 am, 1 pm and 3.30 pm daily. For the return journey, the barges leave daily at 7.50 am, 10.30 am, 2.30 pm and 5 pm. The trip takes 45 minutes. For those taking vehicles across you will need to check in at the ticket hut by the ferry ramp at least 20 minutes prior to boarding.

How do you get onto Fraser Island barge?

In order to get onto the barge, you will be required to drive onto the sand at Inskip Point and you will be disembarking onto Fraser Island directly on the sand as well, so it is important that you drop your PSI before driving onto the sand for the barge.

Is there a Tilt Train to Fraser Island?

Hervey Bay is just one of those amazing destinations with Fraser Island right on its doorstep across the short boat ride waters and many use the tilt train service to travel from right across Australia to visit the world heritage listed golden sands. We won’t send you spam. And you can unsubscribe at any time.

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