How many chromosomes will a tomato sex cells have?

How many chromosomes will a tomato sex cells have?

Answer :- Sex cells will/have contain 12 chromosomes. i.e. 12 chromosomes will the tomatoes sex cells have. Explanation:- 1) Sex cells have half the amount of chromosomes you would normally have.

What is the diploid number of chromosomes in a tomato?

12 chromosomes
Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is the most intensively investigated Solanaceous species both in genetic and genomics studies. It is a diploid species with a haploid set of 12 chromosomes and a small genome (950 Mb).

What happens if a gamete has 24 chromosomes?

Thus, if a cell has 24 chromosomes before division, the number of chromosomes in the daughter cells produced from mitotic division would remain the same i.e., 24 and the number of chromosomes in the daughter cells resulting from meiosis will be 12.

How many chromosomes will there be after fertilization?

What happens after fertilization? During fertilization, the sperm and egg fuse so that the resulting embryo will have 23 chromosomes inherited from the father and 23 chromosomes inherited from the mother.

What would be the number of chromosomes produced in the daughter cells in meiosis if the parent cells have 24 chromosomes?

Each of the 4 daughter cells will only end up with half of the genetic content of the parent cell. Therefore, after meiosis, the daughter cells would have only 12 chromosomes each.

How many diploid are there in cassava?

Cassava typically is a diploid species (2n = 36) [13,14] highly heterozygous and vegetative propagation through stakes in agriculture.

Is a diploid cell with 24 chromosomes undergoes meiosis how many total chromosomes will be in each gamete?

After meiosis, the daughter cells will be haploid and will only have half the species number of chromosomes, in this case, 12 chromosomes.

Are cells with 24 chromosomes undergoes mitosis?

If a cell has 24 chromosomes and it undergoes mitosis to create two cells, then the daughter cells also have 24 chromosomes each. Mitosis is a process of division of cells where a parent cell divides into two daughter cells each of which is genetically just like the parent cell.

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