How do you use pence in a sentence?

How do you use pence in a sentence?

Pence In A Sentence

  1. Every child has a few pence at times.
  2. At twenty pence a yard.
  3. But a few pence meant much.
  4. How many pence in a shilling?
  5. Suddenly he took a handful of pence from his pocket.
  6. Had he not won eighteen pence half-penny?
  7. Tobacco prices dropped to one pence per pound.

What is a sentence with dis?

Sentences Mobile He expects it; don’t dis-appoint him. Put dis he-male and dis she-male asunder. Put dis he-male and dis she-male asunder. Mason dis-agreed with many of the officials’calls.

What is sentence of penny?

1 A penny soul never came to twopence. 2 Antique toy cars are ten a penny nowadays. 3 That house must have cost a pretty penny. 4 A penny for your thoughts. 5 Give me a penny for 2 halfs.

How do you use atrocious in a sentence?

Atrocious in a Sentence 🔉

  1. After receiving atrocious reviews, the play closed the day after opening.
  2. John was tired of eating his wife’s atrocious meals so he suggested she take a cooking workshop.
  3. Because the actress wore an atrocious gown on the red carpet, she was persecuted by the fashion critics.

How do you use pretty pennies in a sentence?

Shoes were not just a luxury, but also a necessity that lasted for years and fetched a very pretty penny . While they aren’t exactly hard to find, they do cost a pretty penny and are thus quite an investment. Traveling the world in style can cost a pretty penny . A gym membership can cost a pretty penny .

What pence means?

a plural of penny; used in referring to a sum of money rather than to the coins themselves (often used in combination): sixpence; The fare was 15 pence.

What is a pence in England?

The penny sterling or penny (symbol: p; plural: pence) is a subdivision of pound sterling, the currency for the United Kingdom. It is currently 1⁄100 of a pound, but historically was 1⁄240 of a pound (old penny sterling). Stocks are often traded in pence rather than pounds.

How do you use snide in a sentence?

Snide sentence example

  1. His snide remark was like salt in her wounds.
  2. It ‘s just the way they look at you in a snide way.
  3. It was this that saved her from some snide comment about her less-than-fashionable clothes.

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