How do I get to Drakensberg from Johannesburg?

How do I get to Drakensberg from Johannesburg?

There is no direct connection from Johannesburg to Drakensberg. However, you can take the bus to Northern Drakensburg then take the travel to Drakensberg. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Harrismith, take the bus to Estcourt, then take the travel to Drakensberg.

What are the two mountain ranges in South Africa?

Here are five of the best mountain ranges that South Africa has to offer.

  • Table Mountain. Table Mountain is Cape Town’s most iconic mountain range, providing a stunning backdrop to the city and its many beaches.
  • Drakensberg.
  • Magaliesberg.
  • Cederberg.
  • Amatola.

What is the longest mountain in South Africa?

Thabana Ntlenyana, also called Thadentsonyane, Thabantshonyana, or Mount Ntlenyana, mountain peak (11,424 feet [3,482 m]) in the Drakensberg and the highest in Africa south of Kilimanjaro.

What is the most famous mountain in South Africa?

The highest mountain in South Africa is 3,450 metres (11,320 ft) high Mafadi, located on the border of South Africa and Lesotho. Several of the highest peaks have snow in the Southern hemisphere winter season.

How long is the drive from Johannesburg to Drakensberg?

The driving distance between Johannesburg and Drakensberg Tourism – Winterton is 379.9km and it would take you 4 Hours 45 minutes if you average 80 km/h (49 mph). however if you were to take a Run it would take you 37 Hours 59 minutes.

What part of the Drakensberg is closest to Johannesburg?

Northern Drakensberg
Northern Drakensberg Accommodation The Northern Drakensberg areas have some of the most beautiful scenery that can be imagined. It is the closest to Johannesburg and Pretoria and the area comprise mainly of the Royal Natal National Park, Amphitheatre Valley and Mount-Aux-Source.

Does Johannesburg have mountains?

The province was established on the rich gold reefs originally discovered in the Johannesburg area and led to a massive sprawling complex of towns and cities covering a vast area, which does not have much in terms of big mountain ranges and consequently (other than the Magaliesberg), there are few official mountain …

How many mountains are in Cape Town?

There are 18 peaks, although it really depends how you count. The theory is that if you count the buttresses only (that’s the part that protrudes, which might be made up a few peaks), there are 12. Not that it matters—you’ll soon be distracted enough by the scenery to forget all about pedantry.

Where are the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa?

The Drakensberg is part of the Great Escarpment and separates the extensive high plateaus of the South African interior from the lower lands along the coast. From its northeastern termination in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, the range extends through Lesotho to Eastern Cape province.

Where are the Drakensberg Mountains located in South Africa?

When most South Africans and visitors speak of the Drakensberg, they refer to the Great Escarpment that forms the border between Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal, believing it to be a range of mountains extending into Lesotho, more correctly known as the Lesotho Highlands.

Which is the best resort in the Drakensberg?

In the Northern Drakensberg, The Cavern Drakensberg Resort and Spa is a top class destination. The Cavern is a family owned resort that is a beloved destination for many patrons around the world who keep coming back for their yearly retreat.

Is it safe to drive to the Drakensberg?

The Drakensberg is known for its peaceful, charming, mountain escapes. Each resort has its own set of hikes and nature trails, as well as experienced guides to show you the safest route to the peak. All year round, families and couples make the pleasant 4 hour drive from Johannesburg.

How is the Drakensberg different from other escarpments?

The KwaZulu-Natal – Free State Drakensberg are composed of softer rocks and therefore have a more rounded, softer appearance from below. Generally, the top of the escarpment is almost table-top flat and smooth, even in Lesotho.

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