How are Paul Parker and Ledley King related?

How are Paul Parker and Ledley King related?

He is the nephew of former Manchester United and England full-back Paul Parker and cousin of former England and Tottenham Hotspur defender Ledley King.

What does Paul Parker do now?

Former Premier League defender Paul Parker hung up his boots in 1997 after dropping into non-league football with Farnborough Town. Upon retiring from playing Parker went straight into management and had spells with Chelmsford City and Welling United before moving into broadcasting as a pundit and co-commentator.

How old is Paul Parker?

57 years (April 4, 1964)
Paul Parker/Age

Who did Paul Ince play for?

Paul Ince

Personal information
1986–1989 West Ham United 72
1989–1995 Manchester United 206
1995–1997 Inter Milan 54
1997–1999 Liverpool 65

Who is Ben Johnson’s uncle?

“I always knew there was a player in there. He had that class. He is from good stock as well. His uncle is former Manchester United defender Paul Parker and his cousin is Tottenham legend Ledley King.

Where is Ben Johnson West Ham from?

London Borough of Waltham Forest, United Kingdom
Ben Johnson/Place of birth

Did Paul Parker win the Premier League?

He won a League Cup winners medal in 1992, a Premiership title medal a year later, and another Premiership title medal and the FA Cup a further year on. Although United won a second double, he did not play in enough Premier League games for a title medal, and did not feature in the FA Cup Final squad.

Who was right back before Gary Neville?

In the 1994–95 season, Neville became United’s first-choice right-back when Paul Parker was ruled out by injury, and remained so until his retirement, although in his first season as a regular player he often found himself on the sidelines as Denis Irwin was switched to right-back with Lee Sharpe (normally a winger) …

Did Paul Parker play England?

Paul Parker (footballer)

Personal information
1984–1986 England U21 8
1987–1989 England B 3
1989–1994 England 19
Teams managed

What is a Paul Parker sandwich?

The Paul Parker sandwich was listed as a must-have. “It’s a roasted pork tenderloin sandwich with grill fried cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and bacon, it’s amazing,” said Smith.

Where is Paul Ince from?

Ilford, United Kingdom
Paul Ince/Place of birth

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