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Google Social Search Includes Your Personal World

Google Social Search Includes Your Personal World

Google Social Search Includes Your Personal World

Over the years Google has been faithful friend of millions of people across the globe. Google loves to present information in a unique way every day. Highly talented Google tech engineers work round the clock to meet the aspirations of people as per changing needs.

With the raise in usage of social networking sites, the necessity has aroused to search memorable comments and greetings received from family members, friends and other acquaintances.

Searching from the web was and is traditional way and the need of the hour is the ability to search private information that you and I have piled up all through our contacts. Google is the first to make a move in this direction. Let us find more about these features.

Google’s  New Search Extension

In addition to web content, web links, images, videos and other stuff, now you will be able to search in private. All the information that pertains to you and your relationships is searchable now by using Google’s ‘Social Search’ textbox. This is really a big step from Google. You can search personal results, profiles in search and people and pages.

Personal Search Advantage

This new feature helps you retrieve information that you had shared through Google+ posts and photos. When you search for a specific word or a phrase, Google+ will search from all your conversations for the words that either you had shared or others shared with you.

In addition to the results from your own private interactions, you can find information from the web pages as well. If your friends had watched a particular movie or read a book, you will be able to get an opinion from them.

Thus you will be motivated to purchase the same and enjoy yourself. There are many instances in life that you would like to take opinion from your friends who had already gone through those circumstances.

You will be able to enjoy those photos and reviews done by them after holidaying which will definitely be useful to you to be encouraged and to go ahead with your plans.

Google Personalized Profile Search

Now, you can search for a profile of your old classmate or ex-co-employee using the search text box. You will be able to find names and photos. Thus, your search is made easy. You can straightaway add the person into your circle and start conversation.

You can find people who are present in Google plus and also from the web. If you are singed in to Google plus, you can add profile instantly. Google Instant will help you achieve this function making you connect with new people quite easily.

Find People & Pages

You can search for people and pages on Google+ based on a particular hobby or profession. This is a great opportunity to start conversation with prominent people. You can search for communities which discuss on a particular topic.

This is a great way to learn more facts on your favorite subject. You can go deep into the subject by joining experts in the line.

Security & Transparency

All the searches and results have the same security privileges as you enjoy when you access your mails through Gmail. You are protected from Secured Socket Layer (SSL) when you sign in and search through Google plus.

You have complete control and transparency on the features that you are utilizing though Google plus. The search can be limited to public, limited or only you. A new toggle switch will be introduced in the coming days so that you can compare the results from personal search to non-personal search.

When you click on non-personal mode, your personal preferences will be set off. The toggle button will be available for every individual session. This can be made as your default option by changing in Settings. You will be able to exercise control based on location and language also.


The new feature, ‘Search plus Your World’ will be made available by Google in the coming days. Google is trying its level best by offering unique features on its social networking site, Google+ and it is trying to woo customers by offering innovative features to make them hanged on Google for various reasons.

It is really a plus for Google+ as it is backed by a strong backbone of search engine’s database. Twitter promptly objects the new feature from Google, as Search plus is ignoring searches from other social networking sites including Twitter.

Even though it is objected by social networking sites and a section of tech blogging community, Google has every right to enhance their products. Google+ as a social networking site is offering private search for its social network users and is also giving option to search from the general web and display the results side by side.

Instead of searching in two separate locations, Google+ users will be able to search both personalized search and unpersonalized search from the same location.

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