Does JJ Redick have a degree?

Does JJ Redick have a degree?

Duke University
Cave Spring High School
JJ Redick/Education

Did JJ Redick graduate from Duke?

He also set several other Duke records, including most points in a single season. Redick’s jersey was retired by Duke on February 4, 2007….JJ Redick.

Personal information
High school Cave Spring (Roanoke, Virginia)
College Duke (2002–2006)
NBA draft 2006 / Round: 1 / Pick: 11th overall
Selected by the Orlando Magic

Who did JJ Redick play for college?

Duke University
JJ Redick/College

What did JJ Redick major in?

cultural anthropology
born June 24, 1984, as Jonathan Clay Redick in Cookeville, Tenn. his father’s background as a stoneware potter led to his middle name of “Clay” majoring in history and minoring in cultural anthropology.

How much has JJ Redick made in his career?

Estimated Career Earnings

Year Salary Signing Bonus
Est. Earnings (15 seasons) $115,923,821 $500,000
Seasons Salary Signing Bonus
6 seasons $21,071,715 $500,000
1 seasons $6,190,000

Did JJ Reddick graduate from college?

Who is JJ reddicks wife?

Chelsea Kilgorem. 2010
JJ Redick/Wife

What is JJ Redick real name?

Jonathan Clay Redick
JJ Redick/Full name

What is Reddick salary?

6.75 million USD (2013)
JJ Redick/Salary

How much does JJ Redick make a year?

What happened JJ Redick?

After 15 seasons in the NBA, guard JJ Redick announced his retirement from the league in a video posted on social media today. Redick, the former No. 11 pick of the 2006 Draft, played for six teams in his NBA career and spent last season with the New Orleans Pelicans and Dallas Mavericks.

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