Where was Garfield Sobers born?

Where was Garfield Sobers born?

Bridgetown, Barbados
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What school did Sir Garfield Sobers go to?

Bay St. School
Sobers was educated at Bay St. School, Barbados, and became a left-hand batsman and a left-hand bowler in cricket. He entered first-class cricket at age 16 and bowled for the West Indies team against England during the 1953–54 season.

When was the Sir Garfield Sobers statue built?

April 28th, 2002
Sir Garfield Sobers Statue On Sunday April 28th, 2002 the Sir Garfield Sobers sculpture was originally unveiled as part of the Heroes Day Celebrations. It was dedicated to Sir Garfield Aubrun Sobers for his accomplishments as the world’s greatest all-rounder cricketer and for his contributions to the world of cricket.

Who did Gary Sobers hit for 6 sixes?

Umpire Eddie Phillipson ruled that Davis had carried the ball over the boundary and signalled six. Sobers then smashed the next ball – the sixth ball of the over – clean over the East Terrace of the St. Helen’s Cricket Ground.

Who created the Sir Garfield Sobers statue?

The Sir Garfield Sobers statue is a 1.5 tonne bronze statue 12ft tall (monument 20ft) which was commissioned by Government and designed by Caribbean sculptors Karl and Virgil Broodhagen. It depicts Gary Sobers wearing leg pads and gloves and holding a cricket bat ready to hit the ball.

Where was Sir Garfield Sobers born and raised?

He is still regarded as the one of the greatest cricketers ever to have graced the game and certainly the greatest all-rounder in the history of cricket. He was born on July 28, 1936 in Bridgetown, Barbados to Shamont and Thelma Sobers. He was the fifth of the six children in his family.

When did Garfield Sobers play for the West Indies?

Sir Garfield St Aubrun Sobers, AO, OCC (born 28 July 1936), also known as Gary or Garry Sobers, is a former cricketer who played for the West Indies between 1954 and 1974.

What kind of cricketer was Sir Garfield Sobers?

Sir Garfield Sobers is a former West Indian cricketer, regarded as the finest all-rounder ever in the cricketing history. He was left-handed batsman and bowler and such was his popularity that Bradman himself called Sobers the “five-in-one cricketer”.

What kind of books did Garfield Sobers write?

Sobers wrote several books on cricket, including a novel, Bonaventure and the Flashing Blade (1967), and, with J.S. Barker, a history of cricket in the West Indies (1967). …clearly in the batsmanship of Sir Garfield Sobers, Richards, and Brian Lara.…

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