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What is the most common job in Mississippi?

What is the most common job in Mississippi?

The most common jobs held by residents of Mississippi, by number of employees, are Driver/sales workers & truck drivers (41,810 people), Registered nurses (37,264 people), and Cashiers (31,426 people).

How much do people make in Mississippi?

Average Salary in Mississippi

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $77,985 $37
75th Percentile $64,121 $31
Average $62,496 $30
25th Percentile $42,891 $21

What is a livable wage in Mississippi?

Living Wage Calculation for Mississippi

0 Children 2 Children
Living Wage $13.43 $18.07
Poverty Wage $6.13 $6.30
Minimum Wage $7.25 $7.25

What jobs are in high demand in Mississippi?

The 10 Fastest Growing Jobs In Mississippi For 2019

  • Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • Home Health Aid.
  • Industrial Mechanic.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Personal Care Assistant.
  • Driller.
  • Plastic Technician.

What is the lowest paying job in Mississippi?

The 10 Lowest Paying Jobs In Mississippi For 2019

  • Gaming Dealers.
  • Dining Room and Cafeteria Attendants and Bartender Helpers.
  • Hosts and Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge, and Coffee Shop.
  • Parking Lot Attendants.
  • Dishwashers.
  • Childcare Workers.
  • Food Preparation Workers.
  • Food Servers, Nonrestaurant.

What is the minimum wage in Mississippi?

State Minimum Wage Rates

State 2020 Minimum Wage 2021 Minimum Wage
Mississippi $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum)
Missouri $9.45 $10.30
Montana $8.65 $8.75
Nebraska $9.00 $9.00

Can you survive on $17 an hour?

Only 20 hours per week. Then, take 20 hours times 52 weeks and that equals 1,040 working hours. Then, multiple the hourly salary of $17 times 1,040 working hours and the result is $17,680….$17 Per Hour is…

$17 per Hour – Full Time Total Income
Daily Wage (8 Hours) $136
Net Estimated Monthly Income $2,250

Is $52 000 a good salary?

Income is, of course, another very important consideration for most people. Is $50k a year considered a good salary? “As such, a $50,000 salary would be above the national median and a pretty good salary, of course, dependent on where one lives.” That’s good news for people making an annual salary of $50,000 or higher.

Why is Mississippi the poorest state in the United States?

In 2012, Mississippi was named the poorest state in the US, with a per capita income of $20,670. This makes a lot of people ask the question: why is Mississippi so poor? All of the problems of the Mississippi can be traced to the Delta.

Why are there so many problems in Mississippi?

All of the problems of the Mississippi can be traced to the Delta. If you excluded the Delta, Mississippi might be statistically insignificant as far as southern states in America can go. The Delta was about the headquarter of American slavery.

Why is education so bad in the Mississippi Delta?

Education in Mississippi is very bad. The students in the Delta who are able to get into college, they leave for another state and this contribute to the bad “brain drain” problem. There are limited good jobs for people with education in the Delta. When educated people are leaving a state, there would be a very big developmental void.

Why does Mississippi have a high food insecurity rate?

Due to the lack of resources to be able to get food, Mississippi rural areas have a higher rate of food insecurity than in the urban areas. Rural counties that are in the South with a population of 20,000 or more have a food insecurity rate of 18%, while the urban counties in the Northeast have food insecurity rate of 10%.

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