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What is the meaning of give example?

What is the meaning of give example?

1 : one that serves as a pattern to be imitated or not to be imitated a good example. 2 : a punishment inflicted on someone as a warning to others also : an individual so punished. 3 : one that is representative of all of a group or type.

What is the meaning of course in school?

A course usually covers an individual subject. Courses generally have a fixed program of sessions every week during the term, called lessons or classes. Students may receive a grade and academic credit after completion of the course.

What does course of study mean example?

an extended period of organized study, often leading to a qualification. a course of study at a European university.

What is course in a sentence?

She’s taking a chemistry course this semester. Students earn the degree after a two-year course of study. There is no cure, but the treatment will slow the course of the disease. Verb the blood coursing through my veins Tears were coursing down his cheeks.

What’s the example of example?

Example is defined as something or someone that is used as a model. An example of the word “example” is a previously baked pie shown to a cooking class. An example of the word “example” is 2×2=4 used to show multiplication.

What is the meaning of course name?

The course name is the title of the course. Seeing this, they might think they have been registered in a new course and deleted from the old one.

How do you describe a course?

So, here, Dear Readers, is the basic rule of describing a course:

  • title and main takeaway point.
  • textbook/s (if low undergrad) or readings (if high undergrad/grad) with brief explanation/justification.
  • Broad organization of the course, with about 3 “landmarks”
  • examples of innovative assignments.
  • Conclusion.

How do you explain a course of study?

The term Course of Study refers to an integrated course prepared for academic studies. It is a series of courses that every student should complete before they progress to the next level of education. A usual course of study in high school involves classes in the core subject area.

What is called course?

noun. a direction or route taken or to be taken. the path, route, or channel along which anything moves: the course of a stream.

What is the definition of course in Merriam Webster? Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 4 Sep. 2021. 1 : motion from one point to another : progress in space or time The earth makes its course around the sun in 365 days.

Which is an example of course in a sentence?

Examples of course in a Sentence Noun the course of a river The pilot brought the plane back on course.

Which is the best definition of the term curriculum?

Curriculum. The term curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school or in a specific course or program. In dictionaries, curriculum is often defined as the courses offered by a school, but it is rarely used in such a general sense in schools. Depending on how broadly educators define or employ the term,

Is there a similar outline for each course?

And, take note that each course has no similar schedule and subject. With that being said, it is also important to know that each course’s outlines go through a number of procedures before it actually gets approved and is now ready to be taught to the enrolled students of the said course.

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