What is the adjective for principle?

What is the adjective for principle?

Principle vs. If you are looking for an adjective form of this word, you must use principled, as in taking a principled stand. Principal functions as both a noun and an adjective. As an adjective, principal typically means “most important,” as in the principal reason.

Is the word principal an adjective?

Principal can be used both as an adjective and a noun. When used as an adjective, principal has two main meanings. When used as a noun, principal also has a couple of meanings.

What is the full meaning of principal?

PRINCIPAL. Principled Resourceful Intelligent Noble Considerate Innovative Persistent Able Leader. Academic & Science.

What is the adverb of principle?

principally. In a primary manner; pertaining to the principal of a matter.

Which type of noun is principal?

The noun ‘principal’ can be either common or proper. If it refers to a principal but does not name the principal, it is a common noun.

What is a principal noun?

principal. noun. Kids Definition of principal (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : the head of a school. 2 : a leading or most important person or thing.

What is the homophones of principal?

Principal and principle are a pair of words that are called homophone, meaning they have same pronunciation but very different meanings and spellings.

What type of word is principal?

adjective. first or highest in rank, importance, value, etc.; chief; foremost. of, of the nature of, or constituting principal or capital: a principal investment.

What is a principal of a school?

A school’s principal is one of the most important positions in education administration. Principals are responsible for overseeing the operations for elementary, middle and high schools.

What does the word principal mean in English?

As an adjective, principal typically means “most important,” as in the principal reason. Adjective If any suspect that Griswold was exaggerating, they should reflect on the fact that the principal Supreme Court case justifying the invocation of the national security privilege was based on a governmental lie.

Which is more important a principle or a principal?

Principal as an adjective means “the most important.” As a noun, it refers to someone in a leading position, or the executive officer of a school. Principle, on the other hand, can only be a noun, referring to “a fundamental truth,” “a code or law,” or “an underlying quality that motivates one’s behavior” (as in “following one’s principles”).

Can a verb principle be used as an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb principle which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts.

Which is an example of principle in a sentence?

Principal, on the other hand, may function as a noun (such as the head of a school) or as an adjective (meaning “most important”). Examples of principle in a Sentence. Urban guerrilla warfare was futile against a thermonuclear superstate that would stop at nothing to defend the profit principle.

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