What is considered extralegal?

What is considered extralegal?

The definition of extralegal is something not governed by laws, or not within the scope of the law. When someone does something wrong to you that is mean but not illegal, this is an example of an extralegal situation, where your remedies to right the wrong are not governed by laws. adjective.

What are extralegal factors in punishment?

history of good or bad deeds, public acknowledgment of guilt, special talents, old age, extralegal suffering from the offense, as well as forgiveness or outrage by the victim, and special hardship of the punishment for the offender or his family.

Is gender an extralegal factor?

Sluder and Reddington (1993) found that extra-legal factors such as gender, age, level of education, length of employment, and political beliefs did affect the individual views of the officers regarding their role.

What are extralegal characteristics?

Extralegal factors are defined as defendant characteristics that are generally innate in nature and that are not susceptible to change, such as race, gender, and age.

What is the difference between extralegal and illegal?

As adjectives the difference between extralegal and illegal is that extralegal is occurring outside the law; not governed by law; lawless while illegal is illegal; not permitted by law.

Which extralegal factor is most predictive of a death sentence outcome?

Empirical research has exposed a troubling pattern of capital punishment in the United States, with extralegal factors such as race, class, and gender strongly correlated with the probability of a death sentence.

Is age an extralegal factor?

A large body of research has examined the relationship between extralegal factors—such as the age, race, and gender of the offender—on sentencing decisions.

Which of the following is an example of an extralegal factor quizlet?

Extralegal factors include, but are not limited to, juvenile offender attitudes, school grades and stand- ing, gender, race or ethnicity, parental involvement, Socio Economic Status, and age.

What is an extralegal economy?

De Soto: Extralegal is something that cannot be readily used as a guarantee to obtain credit, invest, or make accountable by a third party. The “under-the-table” economy is part of the extralegal sector.

How do you use extralegal in a sentence?

1. It’s the left that has suddenly embraced extralegal obstructionism. 2. There were only extralegal recourses for their grievances.

What is extralegal violence?

Here, we understand extralegal violence as those violent and unlawful actions with the objective of punishing behavior that is considered deviant.

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