What is an insect called a scale?

What is an insect called a scale?

scale insect, any member of several families of insects (order Homoptera) that have a body covered by a protective waxy shell, often resembling scales or cottony cushions. Upon hatching, the immature scales, known as crawlers, disperse over the plant before selecting a location where they will feed.

Is scale a fungus?

Scale insects typically adhere to the stems, branches, and sometimes the leaves of plants to feed on sap, and they have a shell-like bump appearance, which sometimes causes them to be mistaken for a fungal or bacterial disease.

Are scales insects?

Males, in the species where they occur, have legs and sometimes wings, and resemble small flies. Scale insects are herbivores, piercing plant tissues with their mouthparts and remaining in one place, feeding on sap….Scale insect.

Scale insect Temporal range:
Superfamily: Coccoidea Handlirsch, 1903
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Where does scale come from?


Common Name(s) Scale insects, scale pests, scales, mealybugs, etc.
Family Coccoidea superfamily, multiple families of insects beneath that
Origin Worldwide
Plants Affected Most food crops, ornamental plants, trees, and grasses
Common Remedies Horticultural oils, neem oil, AzaMax and other azdirachtin products, etc.

Where do Barnacle scales come from?

Origin: Possibly native to temperate climates in the U.S., and now found from California to Florida.

What are plant scales?

Scale varies in color, shape, and size, but most often appears as small, brown, rounded lumps on your plant’s leaves and stems. However, these unprotected crawlers migrate to new feeding sites where they become attached to the plant and develop their own protective shells.

Do scales fly?

Soft scale bugs excrete large amounts of honeydew, which encourages the growth of sooty mold, a black-colored fungus that interferes with photosynthesis. Scales cannot fly so, dispersal depends on the movement of crawlers.

Do ladybugs eat scale?

Use: Ladybugs prefer to eat aphids and will devour up to 50 a day, but they will also attack scale, mealy bugs, boil worms, leafhopper, and corn ear worm. They dine only on insects and do not harm vegetation in any way.

Do spiders have scales?

In spiders, scales have been hypothesized to function in similar capacities (Simon 1901-1903; Hill 1979; Cut- ler 1987), but no empirical research has been pub- lished that has experimentally tested any of these pro- posed functions.

How do I know if my plants have scales?

What are some signs your plant has Scale?

  1. Round/ovular bumps on stems or leaves.
  2. Sometimes scale secretes shiny/sticky sap while feeding (called honeydew)
  3. This honeydew can allow black sooty mold to grow.
  4. Can cause: poor growth. a sickly looking plant. yellowing or discolored leaves.

What is Cactus scale?

These small insects suck on cacti leaves. Cochineal scale on cactus is initially a nuisance but, in extreme infestations, can weaken and kill the plant. The cottony, waxy mass is produced to shelter the female insects and their eggs.

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