What has been the highest temperature in Puerto Rico?

What has been the highest temperature in Puerto Rico?

Maximum Temperature: listed record value of 104°F is being reviewed….All Time Extremes for PR and VI.

Variable Maximum Temperature
Location Mona Island
Value *104 °F
Date July 2nd, 1996

What is the coldest weather in Puerto Rico?

The coldest weather is in the high altitudes of the Cordillera, the site of Puerto Rico’s lowest recorded temperature, 39°F (4°C). Hurricane Season: Hurricane season, the curse of Puerto Rican weather, lasts—officially, at least—from June 1 to November 30. But there’s no cause for panic.

What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Puerto Rico?

The highest temperature ever recorded was 103 °F (39 °C) at San Lorenzo, while the lowest temperature ever recorded was 38 °F (3 °C) at Aibonito. Climate data for Adjuntas Substation. Elevation: 1,720 feet (520 m). Climate data for Aibonito. Elevation 2,320 feet (710 m). Climate data for Cerro Maravilla. Elevation: 3,950 feet (1,200 m).

What kind of climate does Puerto Rico have?

Climate of Puerto Rico 1 Average Climate. The climate is Tropical Marine with an average temperature of 80 °F (26 °C). 2 Temperatures. Temperatures range from 70 to 90 °F (21 to 32 °C) in the lower elevations, while higher elevations in the central part of the island experience temperatures between 61 3 Precipitation.

What’s the weather like in Puerto Rico in February?

After fronts pass the temperature may drop to the 40s (4–9 °C) in the mountains, in the 50s (10–15 °C) in the valleys, and in the low 60s (16 °C to 20 °C) in the coastal zone. In general the climate in the dry season is sunny, with little change from day to day. February and March are often quite dry, sunny and hot.

Which is the wettest month in Puerto Rico?

The island wettest month is August with 7 inches (18cm) of rain. Puerto Rico’s rainy season lasts from April to November and the driest season is December to March.

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