What does Romeo mean when he says is it even so then I defy you stars?

What does Romeo mean when he says is it even so then I defy you stars?

“Then I defy you, Stars!” can be interpreted as Romeo cursing his fate, or as Romeo intending to take fate into his own hands to resolve the matter of Juliet’s death. It means he is defying fate—or attempting to, at any rate, because unfortunately fate will ultimately defeat both Romeo and Juliet.

Is it even so then I defy you stars Thou know St my lodging get me ink and paper?

Then I defy you, stars! 25Thou know’st my lodging. Get me ink and paper, Get me some ink and paper, and hire some horses to ride.

Is it e’en So then I defy you stars Thou knowest my lodging get me ink and paper and hire post horses I will hence tonight?

who says lines 24-26: “Is it e’en so? then I defy you, stars! Thou knowest my lodging, get me ink and paper, and hire post-horses; I will hence tonight.”

What are three examples of personification in Romeo’s final speech?

I will force your rotten jaws to open, The examples of personification, giving human qualities to things that are not human, are calling the tomb a belly, womb, saying it has eaten its fill of Juliet, and calling the tomb’s doors rotten jaws.

What does Romeo plan to do after hearing Balthasar’s news?

Balthasar also asks Romeo to be patient before he acts on the news. After hearing the news, what does Romeo plan to do? He asks for paper and pen to write a letter to his father and then plans to buy poison from the apothecary and go to Juliet’s tomb to die there.

Is it even so then I defy you stars Romeo and Juliet?

When he cries out “Then I defy you, stars,” after learning of Juliet’s death, he declares himself openly opposed to the destiny that so grieves him. Sadly, in “defying” fate he actually brings it about. Romeo’s suicide prompts Juliet to kill herself, thereby ironically fulfilling the lovers’ tragic destiny.

What does I defy you mean?

I defy you/anyone to do something. used to say that someone should try to do something, as a way of emphasizing that you think it is impossible to do it I defy anyone not to cry at the end of the movie. I defy you to leave without buying something.

Who provides Romeo with mortal drugs?

The apothecary
The apothecary gives Romeo the poison and tells him how to use it. He also says there’s enough there to take down about twenty men. Romeo hands over the cash and comments that money is a greater poison than any of the medicine the apothecary has on hand.

What is Romeo’s final speech?

In his final, heart-rending soliloquy, Romeo presents love and death as being intimately linked. Just as death is not the end—Romeo and Juliet will live on together in the next world, their souls joined together as one—so too will their love endure for all eternity.

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