What can be a simple predicate?

What can be a simple predicate?

The simple predicate of a sentence is the verb that is done in the sentence. It can be the action that happens, the state of being, or the linking verb. Hint: Ask yourself, “The subject did what?” It can help if you find the subject first.

Is a predicate the same as a verb?

1. A verb is a word which indicates the action or state of being of the subject in a sentence while a predicate is a word or word clause which modifies the subject or object in a sentence.

What is sometimes called the simple predicate?

The verb in a sentence is sometimes referred to as a ‘simple predicate’.

Is Favorite a simple predicate?

Simple Predicate Example: Blue is my favorite color. (What is blue? It is my favorite color. Is is the simple predicate.)

What is a single predicate?

A simple predicate is the verb or the verb phrase that the subject “does” in the sentence. It does not include any verb modifiers. A simple predicate is always only one verb or verb phrase.

Which is the simplest definition of a simple predicate?

What is the simple predicate? A simple predicate is the main verb or verb phrase of a sentence that tells what the subject does. A simple predicate is only the main verb or verb phrase of a sentence. It does not include any modifiers in the sentence.

Can a predicate be more than one word?

A simple predicate can also be a verb phrase, so long as there is no objects, modifiers, etc. Sean has spoken. Here, the simple predicate is two words and includes the verb phrase, “has spoken.” A predicate can also be more than one word. This will at least include a verb or verb phrase. Sean spoke at the convention.

Can a simple predicate be used with a modifier?

Simple Predicate with Modifiers. Sometimes, a modifier will “interrupt” or “come in between” a verb phrase. In this case, the modifier is not a part of the simple predicate. The simple predicate is only the verb or verb phrase, without any modifiers.

Can a predicate be a complete verb phrase?

Winnie will sing. A predicate may also be a complete verb phrase —that is, the main verb and all the words related to that verb except the subject. (This construction is called the complete predicate .)

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