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What are some Spanish names for a man?

What are some Spanish names for a man?

Along with Mateo and Angel, other Spanish boy names in the US Top 1000 include Leonardo, Diego, Luis, Antonio, Miguel, Gael, Alejandro, and Lorenzo. Baby boy names popular in Spain and Latin America include Hugo, Pablo, Alvaro, Mario, Manuel, and Javier.

What are some good boy Spanish names?

This year’s top 100 Hispanic baby boy names

  • Mateo.
  • Santiago.
  • Matías.
  • Sebastián.
  • Benjamín.
  • Martín.
  • Nicolás.
  • Alejandro.

What are some rare Spanish boy names?

But, worry not. We present to you a list of 100 cool yet rare Hispanic names to choose from for your little one….Cute Hispanic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

  • Aaron.
  • Alejo.
  • Agapito.
  • Alarico.
  • Alexander.
  • Alejandro.
  • Amador.
  • Arturo.

What are good Spanish names?

Top 100 Hispanic baby names of the year

  • Sofia.
  • Isabella.
  • Camila.
  • Valentina.
  • Valeria.
  • Mariana.
  • Luciana.
  • Daniela.

What are unique Spanish names?

100+ Unique Spanish Baby Names You Don’t Hear Every Day

  • A. Abrán, Acacia, Adalia, Adelina, Adoración, Agdta, Alano, Alarica, Alba, Aleta, Allyce, Almundena, Aluino.
  • B. Bartolo, Basilio, Bernabe, Berto, Blandina, Brigida, Brisha, Brisa.
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  • G.
  • H.

What name means warrior in Spanish?

33. Alejandro, meaning “a warrior” is a unique pronunciation and a cognate of the popular name Alexander.

What is the most Hispanic name?

Other traditional Spanish names popular in the Hispanic-American community include Carlos, Enrique, Fernando, Francisco, Jaime, Javier, Jorge, Jose, Juan, Julio, Luis, Marcos, and Miguel for boys and Adriana, Beatriz, Carolina, Daniela, Gabriela, Isabel, and Maria for girls.

What are some unique Spanish names?

These names are hot in Spain, but haven’t become too common in the United States yet. Alba Alma (there are those A names again) Carmen Eulalia Gael Laia Triana Vega Vera

What are the most popular Spanish first names?

The figures also revealed the most common names in Spain across all ages. For women, the most common name is Maria Carmen , followed by Maria, Carmen, Josefa and Isabel. For men, Antonio is the most common name, followed by Jose, Manuel, Francisco and Juan.

What are some Spanish nicknames?

Cool Spanish Nicknames with Meanings. Here we present you some of cool Spanish nicknames with meanings: Loba: Wolf or tough. Guera: Guy with light skin. Tramposo: manipulative guy. Chula: how cute! Jefe: Boss. Chismosa: Gossip guy.

What are the most popular Hispanic boy names?

Ariel and Alexis are very common names for Hispanic-American boys, while other ethnic groups now give them mostly to girls. Some Latino parents also create brand-new names for their children, especially daughters.

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