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What are some sayings on tombstones?

What are some sayings on tombstones?

Personal Grave Marker Quotes

  • “I lived a good life. Now I’ll have a good rest.”
  • “I hate to leave you all behind, but we’ll meet again one day.”
  • “Live to the fullest, for life is all too short.”
  • “If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”
  • “The greatest gift in life is love.”

What does his tombstone say?

The grave does not bear his name, merely this warning rhyme: “Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forbear, to dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones, And cursed be he that moves my bones.”

What is the most important thing written on your tombstone?

A short message referred to as an epitaph is usually added to a headstone along with a person’s name, birth date, and death date. Typically, the goal of the epitaph is to leave some words of wisdom, share the most important values of the deceased, or summarize the person’s life.

How were gravestones carved in the 1800s?

Gravestone Monuments Over the Years In the late 1700 and early 1800s, monuments were made of sandstone and slate, often carved with a winged death’s head. These engravings represented the fear of death and afterlife.

What do you write on a daughter’s headstone?

Headstone Epitaphs For Daughters

  • Our beloved daughter, sister & wife.
  • Missed forever.
  • Your smile, love & heart will be missed forever.
  • Your Memory Lives On.
  • Always Together. Never Apart. Joined as One Heart.

What do you put on a grandma’s headstone?

Short Headstone Sayings

  • Treasured by family and friends.
  • Here lies a beloved friend.
  • Always loved. Never forgotten.
  • In loving memory of.
  • He/she walked in beauty.
  • Our lives were better because of her/his presence.
  • We will meet again, one day.
  • A shining star, forever in our hearts.

What is on Shakespeare’s tomb?

Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
William Shakespeare/Place of burial

When did headstones become popular?

The popularisation of inscriptions As well as more descriptive inscriptions, during the Victorian era (1837-1901), more elaborate monuments and gravestones began to appear and popular materials included marble, wood, iron and granite.

How do you write an inscription on a tombstone?

Short Sayings

  1. A long life well lived.
  2. Always together.
  3. Always loving, always loved.
  4. At peace.
  5. At rest.
  6. A beloved mother/father/husband/wife.
  7. Devoted in love.
  8. Finis.

What are some famous quotes from the Victorian era?

Victorian Quotes Quotes tagged as “victorian” Showing 1-30 of 150 “Some ghosts are so quiet you would hardly know they were there.” ― Bernie Mcgill, The Butterfly Cabinet

What are the best quotes from the movie Tombstone?

Wyatt Earp : I heard you the first time. Wyatt Earp : Winner to the King, five hundred dollars. Curly Bill : Shut up, Ike. Johnny Ringo : [ Ringo steps up to Doc ] And you must be Doc Holliday. Doc Holliday : That’s the rumor. Johnny Ringo : You retired too? Doc Holliday : Not me. I’m in my prime. Johnny Ringo : Yeah, you look it.

What did columns on gravestones mean in Victorian times?

Columns were a symbol of strong support, which in Victorian times usually denoted the head of the household – a father or husband who supported his family. Columns on gravestones are often purposefully broken, as this symbolises that the life of this support was cut short suddenly or too soon.

What was the symbolism of the Victorian monument?

It was actually a reference to ancient Greek and Roman cultures, who did cremate their dead. Victorians used this symbolism to represent that they were in tune with the Classics, which were exceedingly popular at the time, thereby letting the world know that they were cultured and knowledgeable.

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