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Should schools bring back the cane?

Should schools bring back the cane?

‘Bringing back the cane would act as a deterrent to bad over the And parents children, stop behaviour in schools ‘afear because it introduces factor that would stop most pupils from playing up seem inconvenient, severe behaviour in the classroom.

Is caning good for kids?

Experts advise against caning children If you cane your child as a form of punishment or method of discipline, this could cause long-term psychological repercussions, warns Dr Muhamad Muhsin Ahmad Zahari, Consultant Psychiatrist from the Universiti Malaya Specialist Centre.

Should caning be banned?

Corporal punishment should indeed be banned in all schools because of violent attitudes in children, educational progress and psychological damage of the child. Physical punishment such as spanking erodes the developmental growth in children and also degrades the child’s IQ.

Why parents hit their child?

“Some kids get hit more because they are aggressive or have trouble controlling their behavior,” says Sendek. “It’s even more important for these children to self-regulate and not learn to hit when there is a problem.”

Can teachers cane students?

He said there was a fixed SOP for caning which schools must follow, pointing to the Education Ordinance 1957: Education Rules (School Discipline) 1959, which stipulates that students can only be caned on their palms and covered buttocks. “If necessary, the school head can delegate the act to another teacher.

What are the negative effects of corporal punishment in schools?

Corporal punishment leads to adverse physical, psychological and educational outcomes – including increased aggressive and destructive behaviour, increased disruptive behaviour in the classroom, vandalism, poor school achievement, poor attention span, increased drop-out rate, school avoidance and school phobia, low …

Do you think the cane should be brought back to school?

Yes, in todays society children don’t have any respect for their elders, but it doesn’t mean that the cane should be brought back. If the cane is brought back the students might act worse, as if a teacher was to cane a pupil, the pupil is very likely to fight back, and a lot of parents might go and hurt the teacher.

Do you need a cane to be a teacher?

‘Teachers don’t need a cane, they need to earn respect from their pupils. I have been lucky in that my ‘school has teachers who have authority with the way they deal with pupils. One teacher, for example, is very laid back and gets on really well with his pupils. But if you step out of line you know about it.

Do you think corporal punishment should be reintroduced in schools?

That is why corporal punishment should be reintroduced to schools. This is the only good way of disciplining children effectively and I really do think it should be allowed in school because some parents do it and yelling just isn’t effective enough. If corporal punishment is reintroduced, kids will behave better.

What was the punishment for birching in school?

The birching was usually given in a kneeling position and never over clothes. The school punishment was reinforced by home punishment and the wise pupil would not willingly admit to a caning at school as this might well elicit a further punishment at home.

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