Is the postal exam easy?

Is the postal exam easy?

Overall good experience. The test takes between 30-45 mins. The 1st part of the 473 exam is fairly easy but is timed so you need to work quick and be accurate. The memory part is generally considered the hardest for most people unless you have a photographic memory.

What do postal inspectors look for?

Postal Inspectors investigate any crime with a nexus to the mail. These crimes include mail theft, mail fraud, financial fraud, identity theft, robberies and burglaries of postal facilities, assaults and threats on postal employees, investigations of dangerous and prohibited mails, narcotics, cybercrime and much more.

How do I prepare for the postal exam?

But before you become too stressed about the USPS exam, here are a few tips to help you get that job!

  1. 1.Learn the Format of the Test.
  2. The Study Guide.
  3. Create a Study Plan.
  4. Understand the Importance of the Personal Inventory Section.
  5. Don’t Wait to Take the USPS Exam.
  6. Pay Attention to Detail.
  7. Don’t Guess!

Are Postal Inspectors 1811s?

They’re not 1811s and they don’t get LEAP or locality pay.

What type of questions are on the postal exam?

Postal Exam 473 Breakdown

Exam Section Time Limit Questions
Part A Address Checking 11 minutes 60 Multiple Choice
Part B Forms Completion 30 minutes 30 Multiple Choice
Part C (Section 1) Coding 6 minutes 6 minutes 36 Multiple Choice
Part C (Section 2) Memory 7 minutes 7 minutes 36 Multiple Choice

What is the 475 Postal exam?

The Virtual Entry Assessment MH 475 is an exam that anyone who wishes to become a USPS Mail Handler or Mail Handler Assistant has to pass. The test is one of the four new assessments the USPS uses since April 2019, following the retirement of the old 473 exam.

How are police officers used to do math?

Police use slightly different formulas to reconstruct crashes where cars leave circular skid marks instead of straight lines. Patrol officers also use math daily for sobriety checks. Officers may use breathalyzers to digitally determine the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood.

What’s the passing rate on the police math test?

Your ultimate goal should be scoring as high as possible on the math portion. That’s because for most of the police written tests, the passing rate is 70% – 80%. Pretty high. The best way to ensure you ace this section is by knowing exactly what question types to expect and how to solve them correctly under time pressure.

How does math work in a car accident?

Math plays an important role in reconstructing accidents of all kinds, particularly car accidents. Police use math to recreate collisions as well as hit-and-run accidents. For collisions, police must know how fast vehicles traveled prior to crashing.

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