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How much water does it take to fill a 15×30 pool?

How much water does it take to fill a 15×30 pool?

Standard In-Ground Pool Volumes in Gallons by Size
Pool Size (in feet) 3.5 ft Avg Depth 4.5 ft Avg Depth
12×24 7,600 9,700
14×28 10,300 13,200
15×30 11,800 15,200

How much water is in a 12ft round pool?

2,975 gals

Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Volumes by Size
12 ft Round 2,975 gals 3,398 gals
15 ft Round 4,646 gals 5,310 gals
18 ft Round 7,646 gals 8,602 gals
21 ft Round 9,106 gals 10,408 gals

How long does it take to fill a pool?

The average pool can take 12-24 hours to fill and that is only if you have a few hoses chugging away. When your family is chomping at the bit to dive in, that may as well be an eternity. Forget this plan if you are using well water, you will burn up your pump or leave your home without water for days.

How many gallons are in a 18ft by 48in pool?

Water capacity: 5,455 gallons (80%)

How do you calculate pool water?

Multiply the pool’s length times the width times the average depth. For round pools, multiply diameter times diameter times average depth. With a rectangular pool, for example, multiply 32 x 16 x 6, which equals 3,072. This means the pool holds 3,072 cubic feet of water.

How do you fill in an inground pool?

How to Fill in Inground Pool. 1. Safely drain the pool of any remaining water. 2. Punch holes into the bottom of the pool to allow for future drainage. 3. Demolish the top layer of the pool (18″ – 36″). 4. Place the rubble at the bottom of the pool.

How do you fill in a swimming pool?

How to fill in a swimming pool Step 1: If there is still water in the pool, it is drained. Step 2: The bottom of the pool is broken up, or holes are punched into the bottom of the pool using a jackhammer or hydraulic tool. Step 3: The walls of the pool, the pool lining, and pool components (e.g. pool ladder, pool filters, etc.) are removed.

How much do inground pools cost?

An inground pool cost could range from $25,000 for a basic, vinyl inground pool installation and equipment package to over $100,000 for a fully custom gunite (concrete) pool.

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