How many beds does Letterkenny General Hospital have?

How many beds does Letterkenny General Hospital have?

332 bedded
Letterkenny General Hospital is a 332 bedded General Hospital, providing a wide range of acute hospital services in a friendly dynamic environment, on an in-patient, day-case and out-patient basis. The Hospital consists of a one storey building, which was originally built in 1959.

How many employees does Letterkenny hospital have?

There are over 1,400 staff employed in LUH consisting of 600 nursing staff, 50 hospital consultants, 120 non-consultant hospital doctors, 200 clerical/administration staff, 200 professions allied to medicine (e.g. radiographers, physiotherapists, OTs, medical scientists, pharmacists) and 230 support staff (catering.

What time is breakfast in Letterkenny hospital?

This means that during breakfast from 8.15am to 9.15am, lunch from 12.15pm to 1.15pm and tea-time 5.15pm to 6.15pm all non-urgent activities on the ward will stop.

Who is the manager of Letterkenny hospital?

Sean Murphy
Contact Numbers

Main Hospital Number 074 9125888
X-ray Department 074 9123571
Patients Accounts 074 9123508
General Manager – Mr. Sean Murphy 074 9123501
Director of Nursing Dr. Anne Flood 074 9123581

How many hospitals are in the Saolta group?

6 hospitals
Saolta University Health Care Group comprises of 6 hospitals across 7 sites: Letterkenny University Hospital (LUH) Mayo University Hospital (MUH) Merlin Park University Hospital (MPUH)

What is the currency in Letterkenny?

the Euro
Donegal is part of the Republic, therefore as Ragoora has stated the Euro. Sterling is used in “The North” comprising the counties of (London) Derry, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Antrim, Armagh and Down.

What protected mealtimes?

What are protected mealtimes? This is a period of time set aside for mealtimes when all non essential activities on the wards will stop to protect patients from avoidable interruptions. The nurses and care assistants will be available to serve the food and give help to patients who may need it.

Who owns Galway hospital?

Saolta University Health Care Group
University Hospital Galway | Saolta University Health Care Group.

How many hospital groups are there in Ireland?

Seven Hospital Groups
The hospitals in Ireland are organised into Seven Hospital Groups. The services delivered include inpatient scheduled care, unscheduled/emergency care, maternity services, outpatient and diagnostic services.

Where was the first hospital in Letterkenny built?

The hospital has its origins in the Letterkenny Union Workhouse and Infirmary which was designed by George Wilkinson and opened in Kilmacrennan Road in 1844. This developed into the Letterkenny District Hospital. Letterkenny General Hospital was built on the same site and was opened by Seán MacEntee, the Tánaiste, in July 1961.

What was the damage to Letterkenny General Hospital?

Taoiseach Enda Kenny remarked that the floods had “destroyed a first class medical facility” and called the damage “very substantial – records lost, MRI machine, diagnostics laboratory, walls to be stripped and decontaminated. It means, effectively, that Letterkenny General Hospital will be out of operation for a considerable time”.

What kind of services does Letterkenny University Hospital offer?

These services include Pathology, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, CSSD, Non-Nursing Services and Catering Services.

What does St Conal’s Hospital in Letterkenny do?

In the St. Conal’s building, Social Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services are provided to psychiatric patients both on an in-patient and day service basis. The Psychiatric Services in St. Conal’s Hospital avail of many of the core clinical and non-clinical support departments in the main Letterkenny General Hospital building.

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