How does setting affect the conclusion of a passage?

How does setting affect the conclusion of a passage?

The setting contributes little to the conclusion of the passage. C. The setting influences the progression of events in the passage. D. The setting prevents the resolution of the conflict in the passage. Which sentence from the passage most clearly conveys a nostalgic tone?

How to write a paragraph using contextual information?

Using this contextual information, write one paragraph in which you identify the symbolism used in the passage and explain how the symbolism relates to theme of the passage.

How to answer a question about Wharton’s chapter V?

Describe how Wharton uses the narration of Chapter V to reveal the characters’ feelings and build a feeling of suspense throughout the chapter. Use textual details to support your answer. Your answer should be one paragraph in length.

What happens in the fourth paragraph of the passage?

The fourth paragraph (lines 31-37) establishes all of the following EXCEPT: what Abshu remembered most about his years with the Masons. It can reasonably be inferred that which of the following characters from the passage lives according to Abshu’s definition of a life fully lived?

What does passage B mean in the book the Moon Walk?

Passage B indicates that compared to the narrator’s expectation about how the first person walking on the moon would be televised, the broadcast itself was: dissimilar; the narrator had expected to see Armstrong’s moon walk shortly after the lunar vehicle landed. Based on the passage]

What does the phrase something innate most nearly mean?

As it is used in line 30, the phrase something innate most nearly means: an inherited trait. The fifth paragraph (lines 53-70) suggests that one of the main causes of pruning is: a lack of stimulation.

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