How do you use trepidation?

How do you use trepidation?

Trepidation in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Shaking with trepidation, the young man faced his fear of heights by skydiving.
  2. While everyone else in the room was scared of spiders, Robin had no sense of trepidation when the eight-legged critter crawled up the wall.
  3. As the earthquake bared down, I was overpowered with trepidation.

What is the best synonym for trepidation?

synonyms for trepidation

  • alarm.
  • apprehension.
  • consternation.
  • dismay.
  • disquiet.
  • dread.
  • excitement.
  • fright.

What does trepidation mean in the dictionary?

noun. tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation; perturbation. trembling or quivering movement; tremor.

How do you use the word trepidation in a sentence?

Trepidation sentence example

  1. Yet even back then, behind the smiles, was great trepidation .
  2. With extreme trepidation , I complied, closing the door behind me.
  3. She was half afraid to speak, fearful that a quake in her voice would expose her trepidation .

What part of speech is trepidation?


part of speech: noun
definition 2: a quiver or vibration. Trepidations from the eruption were felt for some months afterward. synonyms: quiver, tremor, vibration similar words: jar, jolt, quake, shake
related words: apprehension, dismay, nerve
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Is trepidation an emotion?

The natural beginning is trepidation, the unsettled feeling we get when we are about to begin something of importance. The word “trepidation” comes from the same source as the word “tremble”, because when one feels the emotion of trepidation, it might cause one’s body to shake with nervous energy.

Which is the best synonym for the word trepidation?

the emotion experienced in the presence or threat of danger. shaking with trepidation, I stepped into the old abandoned house. Synonyms for trepidation. alarm. (also alarum), anxiety, dread, fear, fearfulness,

What’s the difference between fear and trepidation in English?

The meanings of fear and trepidation largely overlap; however, fear is the most general term and implies anxiety and usually loss of courage. fear of the unknown When could fright be used to replace trepidation? Although the words fright and trepidation have much in common, fright implies the shock of sudden, startling fear.

When is it sensible to use terror instead of trepidation?

The synonyms panic and trepidation are sometimes interchangeable, but panic implies unreasoning and overmastering fear causing hysterical activity. When is it sensible to use terror instead of trepidation? The words terror and trepidation are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, terror implies the most extreme degree of fear.

What is the difference between dread and trepidation?

The words dread and trepidation can be used in similar contexts, but dread usually adds the idea of intense reluctance to face or meet a person or situation and suggests aversion as well as anxiety. When might fear be a better fit than trepidation?

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