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How do you use hydrogen peroxide for fish eggs?

How do you use hydrogen peroxide for fish eggs?

I have used for cory eggs, I put them in a small catch cup with about two cups of water and added four drops of the hydrogen peroxide. After 24 hours I take a turkey baster and suck out half the water, replace with fresh water out of the tank, and add three more drops of hydrogen peroxide, then leave it go.

How long do flowerhorn eggs take to hatch?

about 3-4 days
If you have ever wondered when Flowerhorn eggs hatch? – It takes about 3-4 days to get fertilize for hatching then they get hatched in 1-2 weeks depending on…

How long does it take for a Flowerhorn fish to hatch?

After a few days, the eggs will hatch into tiny Flowerhorn fishes that are termed as fries. Then the parents are taken away and these fries are given special care for proper growth. This is a brief procedure of the entire breeding stages of Flowerhorn fishes.

Why do flowerhorn fish eat their own eggs?

As these species are very unpredictable and have a tropical nature, it tends to eat their own eggs. Even the female Flowerhorn fish laying eggs can eat its own egg when she is aggressive and badly hungry. So it is necessary to keep the eggs away from such mothers so that the eggs can hatch properly taking own time.

How many eggs does a Flowerhorn lay at a time?

After mating, the female will lay eggs and the male will try to fertilize them. Both play equal parts in parenting and taking care of their offspring. A female Flowerhorn can lay up to 700-1000 eggs at a time on a flat base. Both will try to protect and guard the eggs.

How can I tell the sex of a Flowerhorn fish?

First of all, you need to specify the sex of the adult Flowerhorn fishes for keeping a male and a female fish together. The flower head of the male fish is comparatively larger than a female Flowerhorn fish.

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