How do I know what size my key is?

How do I know what size my key is?

Metric keyways are dimensioned by width and depth as measured from the radius of the shaft to the center of the keyway. See dimensions W and h in Figure 1. Unless otherwise specified, the shaft keyway is assumed to be standard.

What is the width of key taken as?

Width of key, w = d/4 and thickness of key, t = 2w/3 = d/6 where d = Diameter of the shaft or diameter of the hole in the hub.

What is keyway size?

Metric – Rectangular B.S. 4235 : PART 1 : 1972

Nominal Shaft Diam Key Size
65 75 20 x 12
75 85 22 x 14
85 95 25 x 14
95 110 28 x 16

How do you determine keyway?

Look at the large end of the key (also called the bow). If the bow has straight sides and a triangle-shaped top (like a house), you probably have a KW1 keyway. If the key is diamond-shaped (narrower at the top and bottom and wide in the middle), you probably have a SC1 keyway.

How thick is an average key?

Thickness and Gauge Tables

Thickness Comparison Table
Thickness Imperial Metric
Nickel .074 in 1.95 mm
House key .08 in 2 mm
Standard car windshield .25 in 6.35 mm

What is standard key?

The standard key is a special primary table key in an internal table. Key Fields of the Standard Key.

Which key width equals thickness?

The only difference between a rectangular sunk key and a square sunk key is that its width and thickness are equal, i.e. w = t = d / 4.

How is keyway depth calculated?

The distance from the bottom of the shaft keyseat to the opposite side of the shaft is specified by dimension S. The distance from the bottom of the hub keyway to the opposite side of the hub bore is specified by dimension T….Depth Values for Shaft Keyseats – Hub Keyways:

Nominal Shaft Diameter [D] inch
Dimension S
Dimension T

What is the ratio of keyway taper?

Standard inch-sized tapered pins have a taper on diameter of 1:48[1] while metric ones have a taper of 1:50.

How wide is 12 piano keys?

Modern piano keyboards ordinarily have an octave span of 164–165 mm (6.5–6.5 in), resulting in the width of black keys averaging 13.7 mm (0.54 in) and white keys about 23.5 mm (0.93 in) at the base, disregarding space between keys.

How to measure the size of a clock key?

The easiest way to determine what size key you need is to measure it. This guide will show you how to measure your clock for a clock key. On the back of your clock is the winding arbor (the steel shaft the key fits on to). With your digital gauge, measure the square shaft from flat side to flat side to get the millimeter size.

How big are the keys on the bottom of the keyboard?

When checking if your keyboard is standard layout, you mainly need to look at the bottom row key sizes. For the standard layout, the bottom row keys are typically 1.25u, and the spacebar is typically 6.25u. Before buying a keycap set, always double check the keycap sizes.

How are the dimensions of a keyway determined?

In the English system, it is standard practice to dimension keyways. The hub keyway is dimensioned by its width and depth on the shaft – keyway sides. Referencing Figure 1, the keyway dimension is W x T1.

How can I tell if my keyboard keycaps will fit?

To check if a new set of keycaps will fit your keyboard, you should check if your keyboard is in the standard layout, or else you may run into some issues. When people refer to a standard layout, they mean the key sizes of the full-sized, tenkeyless, or 60% mechanical keyboard.

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