How can I create BSNL portal account?

How can I create BSNL portal account?

id, user is able to log on to the BSNL Selfcare Portal through that email id and password set by the user at the time of sign up. After registration, a customer can add existing BSNL Wireline & Wireless accounts in Selfcare Portal. After login, select My Accounts and then Click on ‘Add Customer Account’.

How can I get my BSNL landline bill without account number?

View BSNL Bill amount without registration Go to “Landline” page for landline bills. You can enter the telephone number and email id/phone number for confirmation. Submit after entering all the details, your bill amount will be displayed.

How can I open my BSNL account?

BSNL Portal Registration

  1. Open BSNL Selfcare. Open your browser and enter selfcare.bsnl.co.in.
  2. Login to the page. Welcome page will open with login having many facilities for the registered and unregistered users.
  3. Sign Up.
  4. Provide details in Step 1.
  5. Get OTP on registered mobile number.
  6. Submit OTP.
  7. Next.
  8. Create password.

How can I register my BSNL Landline bill online?

Step 1: Go to BSNL Flash Website. Step 2: Enter the Landline Number allotted to Broadband, FTTH, Bharat Fiber and Bharat AirFiber services. Account number will be found on your Physical bill copy. Also, enter Mobile Number and Email.

How can I get my BSNL postpaid account number?

Send SMS “BILL” on the number 53333 from your BSNL postpaid number to know your BSNL postpaid number.

How can I pay my landline bill?

How to Make BSNL Landline/Broadband Bill Payment Online?

  1. Enter your account number.
  2. Enter number with STD Code.
  3. Get the bill or enter the amount.
  4. Pick bill payment promo codes of your choice and get Cashback & other offers.
  5. Choose payment method of your preference i.e. Debit/Credit Card, Net banking or Paytm wallet.

How can I register my BSNL Landline number?

Fill in the Customer Application Form (CAF) and submit. Make a note of CAF serial number, receipt number and selected Landline/WINGS number for future correspondence. Call Landline helpdesk 1500/1800-345-1500 for any help.

How can I view my BSNL Telephone Bill?

View BSNL Bills. To view your bill, click on “View Bill” and then “Landline” from the home page. Your telephone bills will be displayed there for the added accounts. Click on the telephone number and the bill will be opened in new window and you can take print out if needed.

How to disconnect BSNL Broadband and landline services?

[Solution] Disconnect BSNL Landline 1 Step1: Visit the official BSNL website. To disconnect the BSNL broadband/landline connection, visit the official BSNL self-care portal. Here are 2 Step 2: Register yourself and sign in. 3 Step 3: Click on services. 4 Step 4: Select Submit a service request. 5 Step 5: Enter Service ID. See More….

What kind of service does BSNL / MTNL offer?

BSNL / MTNL are more of a Govt sector Telecom which cater mainly to Govt offices and Govt servant home. They tried to provide basic connections to public but did not put infrastructure to cater to the needs by means of service and downtime improvement.

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