Can you catch the Sudowoodo in Pokemon Gold?

Can you catch the Sudowoodo in Pokemon Gold?

2 Answers. That’s the only place you can catch a Sudowoodo in HeartGold. You need to trade from SoulSilver / Diamond / Pearl to get one.

What is Sudowoodo good for?

The mighty Sudowoodo is well worth picking up, not least because it has a certain set of skills that can help you take down very tough opponents. One great thing about Sudowoodo in Sword and Shield is that it comes with an in-built Ability called “Sudowoodo’s Sturdy”, which the player doesn’t even need to activate.

Is there a Sudowoodo in Pokemon HeartGold?

This Sudowoodo is the only one in the game, so be sure to catch it rather than KOing it. Once you have caught or KOed the Sudowoodo, the path to Ecruteak City is opened. On the way there, you will have some trainer battles.

Where to find the tree blocking the path in Pokemon HeartGold?

Once you have defeated Whitney, you can do something about the tree blocking the path on Route 36. Go get the squirt bottle from the Goldenrod flower shop if you haven’t already. Then go to Route 36 (you can get to it either by going east from the National Park, or by going West from Violet City), and use the squirt bottle on the tree.

What do you get if you kill the Sudowoodo?

Whether or not you fought and killed or opted to capture the Sudowoodo, you’ll be free to continue to north hereafter. The man near where the Sudowoodo was located will have been so impressed with your skills that he’ll offer up some Berry Pots, as well as three Oran Berries and three Pecha Berries to plant in them.

Where is the sapling in Pokemon Heart Gold?

When you’re satiated with wild Pokemon fights, trainer showdowns and the like, you can move towards the sapling at the northeastern end of the route. Cut it down with the aptly-named Cut ability, and continue to the north. You’re now on Route 3 6.

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