Can I study medicine in English in Cyprus?

Can I study medicine in English in Cyprus?

The University of Nicosia welcomes students from around the world to study medicine in Cyprus in English. There are currently more than 500 students attending this world-class respected medical university, from about 60 countries around the globe, with students coming from as far as the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

How long does it take to become a doctor in Cyprus?

Study Medicine in Cyprus (MD, English, 6 years, On Campus)

What qualifications do you need to study medicine?

Subjects you need to study medicine

  • good GCSE grades in math, science and english.
  • a combination of GCSEs, AS levels and A-levels.
  • chemistry at A-level and often A-level biology.
  • one other science subject is often required, for example, physics (or physical science), or mathematics.

How much is medicine in Cyprus?

Annual tuition for of 6 year medical program at University of Nicosia Medical School in Cyprus is 18000 € for the first 3 years and 22000 € for the final 3 years.

How can I practice medicine in Cyprus?

The following credentials are required by the Cyprus Medical Council in support of your application for registration to practice medicine in Cyprus:

  1. Final Medical Diploma.
  2. Postgraduate Medical Education Credential (as applicable)
  3. Specialist Qualification (as applicable)

How can I become a doctor in Cyprus?

In order to practice as a “Doctor” in the Republic of Cyprus, one must be registered in the Cyprus Medical Register by the Cyprus Medical Council, to the provisions of the Medical Registration Law (Cap. 250), as periodically amended.

What is the latest age to study medicine?

There is no age limit for medical school. You can become a doctor in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s. In the end, medical schools want students who will make good physicians.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Cyprus?

Tuition and Living Costs Living costs depend on your lifestyle. Students doing their clinical training in the UK pay a supplement of €6,000 per year for the last 2 years . On average, staying in Nicosia for the whole year will cost a minimum of €10,000.

Which is the best medical school in Cyprus?

Course delivered by the University of Nicosia Medical School, the first and largest medical school in Cyprus Successful graduate placement rate at 99.4%. Our graduates are practising doctors across the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, other EU countries and Australia

Are there any colleges or universities in Cyprus?

Despite the island’s geographical affiliation to Asia, Cyprus is considered part of Europe historically and culturally. Cyprus currently operates three public universities, four private universities, and two private colleges. * The European University of Cyprus.

Is the University of Nicosia a medical school?

Loading… Medical School – University of Nicosia will use the information you provide to process and evaluate your application request. We may also use the information from your application to provide you with ongoing updates about our programmes by e-mail or phone.

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